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Adoption Application
Although the mission for K9 Mill Rescue (K9MR) is to place breeder dogs with our rescue partners, we sometimes have dogs needing homes that do not have a placement yet. These dogs have the same vet care as all dogs passing through our rescue. Any adoptable dog has been evaluated and fully vetted and ready to be adopted into a loving, safe home.

Why Adopt

In the Breeding industry greed has taken front line and not the welfare of the animal. Dogs suffer from low to no vet care, malnutrition from poor quality foods, and lack of grooming and neglect.

Please make sure you are ready to add a new family member to your home. Mill dogs can have issues that need patience and understanding. With little to no human contact for them to trust, socialize and learn the surrounding of home life. Little things that we take for granted. The most important thing is time! Buying a puppy from a breeder that is not a reputable responsible breeder only continues the suffering of the mothers and dads that are behind the scenes.

Providing a loving home for an unwanted dog ensures they will have a life with a family and not in a puppy mill, under socialized and being neglected.

  • Do you have time? Lots of families consider adopting thinking they can rearrange their life and own a dog. You must know that a pet deserves the attention and time set-aside just for them daily. Most of the dogs we rescue have already been in solitary confinement and not socialized and need a new outlook on life. Crate training is great when used correctly, not as punishment or living quarters. Dogs are pack animals and socializing is very critical to provide them daily.
  • Budgeting for care. All dogs adopted with K9MR have had vet care and will need to continue on monthly heartworm prevention. Making sure you can provide quality dog food, supplies for grooming, toys and any care should your dog become ill is essential to owning a new pet.
  • Long Term Commitment. Are you ready to provide a forever home for a new dog? Some dogs can live to 18-20 years of age.
  • The Adoption Process. Once you have made the commitment to adopt you will fill out an online Adoption Application. You will be notified we have received your application. Then your Adoption Application will be processed as follows.
We are passionate about helping breeding dogs retire, break the cycle of addition to the overpopulation crises in our communities, and live out their lives in loving homes.
Thanks for wanting to provide a home to a dog in need. All our dogs are spay/neutered; micro chipped, vaccinated, heartworm/fecal tested and treated for illness or injury, if needed, by one of our vet clinics. We do not have a shelter; all our dogs are in loving foster homes with a family.

Thanks very much and if you have any questions please call/email anytime. The adoption approval process is quick and timely.

  • Your application will first be sent to an adoption screener to pre-approve your application.
  • We will check your vet reference and personal references (Current dogs in the home must be current on vaccinations and neutered/spay).
  • We will set up a brief home visit.
  • After your application is approved, it will go to the foster parent to setup a meet and greet for the dog of interest.
  • If you have seen dogs that interest you please write them in on your adoption application.
  • Please do remember that K9 Mill Rescue is solely ran by volunteers, they all have families & pets to take care of as well. So please be patient.

K9MR’s adoption counselor/screener will contact you soon.

We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area; our foster homes are located within 3 hours of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We do not ship dogs so you will need to travel to us to adopt. Out of State adoptions are handled in the same manner. Noting you must travel to meet a dog in our area.