Dear K9 Mill Rescue Friends and Family,

Lil’ Ruby here! I am very excited about my first real Christmas and I wanted to share a bit about what I have seen and heard since I was saved from a breeding mill back in July. My new Mom, Joann and her friends, Debra and Jen officially formed K9 Mill Rescue in June of this year. In just the first 6 months they have driven more than 5,000 miles, rescued 75 dogs, 50% of whom received life-saving/changing vet care, advocated and found forever homes for 18 of my lucky friends, helped one old girl cross the rainbow bridge with love and dignity; all while networking with other groups they call their “Placement Partners” that stepped up to accept 44 dogs into their programs!

**DFW Pug Rescue Club* *Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas* *Little Paws Big Hearts*
*OK Save A Dog* *Katy’s Promise Rottweiler Rescue* *DFW Lab Rescue* *Short Mugs*
*Texas Italian Greyhound* *North Texas Basset Rescue* *DFW Tzu’s and More *
*Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin* *Recycled Poms and Schipperke Rescue*
*Furry Friendzy* *Dachshund Lovers of Texas* *Homeward Bound Dog Rescue*
*Maltese Rescue of OKC* *IGCA Texas/Oklahoma* *Russell Rescue*

As I write this letter, I have 12 K9MR friends in foster care or at one of our clinics, with vet bills totaling more than $6,000 already! Our vet clinics are AWESOME! We are cared for by: Bowie Pet Clinic, Athens Animal Clinic and Westcreek Animal Clinic.

The girls are always working on other things too like paperwork: developing forms, record keeping of all the dogs and filing for something call 501c3 non-profit status. They were really excited when K9MR was approved in November! I try to help too. I really wanted a picture of myself to be the group logo, but I was outvoted!. They promised I could post my picture anytime I wanted on Facebook (K9 Mill Rescue) and the new website (, so I decided the logo they picked was a good second choice!

Lastly, I was asked to send out a big THANK YOU HOWL to all K9 Mill Rescue supporters including: donors, volunteers, placement partners, transporters and everyone in between that have helped make the launch of K9 Mill Rescue a success! I am living proof of recovery after life in the mill! I am feeling healthier everyday and enjoying the good life with loving humans and my new, happy four-legged friends. Your continued support will amount to more happy tails, I just know it!

Whew! That was exhausting….time for my nap! Happy Holidays!