One very hot summer day, K9MR received a urgent call to rescue a sweet little French Bulldog that the breeder was going to euthanize. She had terrible skin issues and was in horrible shape. K9MR immediately made arrangements to get her in so we could get the medical attention she needed and to prevent her from euthanasia.

Jen traveled to get her and tears flowed. Lil’ Ruby was a skin disaster. She smelled bad and her skin was so infected that she had chewed her legs raw. Jen brought her into K9MR’s rescue but made a pit stop at her house where she scrubbed her little thin body to help her relieve her itching.

You see Lil’ Ruby was a former breeding dog and had many litters of puppies to bring in money for a breeder. Her belly nearly drug the floor and was swollen and red.

Once she was relieved and slumbered overnight with Jen she was taken to our vet. Dr. Barlow examined Lil’ Ruby and determined she had Demodex mange, yeast and some staph infections and her road to recovery was going to be long.

She has under gone Demodex mange treatment and still receives medicated baths twice a week.
Her skin is better but still healing. Once she gained a little weight and was deemed healthy enough to proceed with her vet care she was spay (No more babies), vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative) and micro chipped. When she was ready to go to foster care, we were in tears when we picked her up and saw that Dr. Barlow made her beautiful. Dr. Barlow removed all her stretched nipples and now she does not drag the ground.

Lil’ Ruby has puppy mill syndrome. Things we take for granted daily, she has never seen. She still fears walking on the grass. Ruby runs from the ceiling fan and cower ‘s when you try to pet her. All these things she will overcome in time with a lot of patience.

Lil’ Ruby is our mascot dog and will co pilot on our rescue efforts when she is not busy writing our blog. Lil’ Ruby will help educate the public on special articles and events.

Paws Up
Lil Ruby