Urgent Help Needed!! December 2016

We are in need of donations for all the new sweet dogs that have been rescued over the last few days. This is Betty, a sweet little bichon girl. Aged at 8 to 10 years old. She has a massive mammary tumor, severe dental disease with very rotten teeth. Blood work was done and she is anemic and her values are all over the place & out of wack. They are full of parasites and most all are in the same condition. We will keep updating as they get their vet care. These babies deserve so much better and we will do everything possible to help them. With your help we can continue to do everything needed. These babies will be expensive.

We also need supplies: Purina One canned food or any good grade canned, paper towels, wipes, trash bags and any small blankets.

Please donate on our website Here

or PayPal- give@k9millrescue.org

Supplies can be sent to

K9 Mill Rescue
241 Belcher Road
Bowie, Tx 76230


Drop off at

Creekside Pet care Center
8820 Davis Blvd
Keller, Tx 76248

October 2015 – 26 dogs released and counting!

October 12, 2015 has proven to be a super busy day and it is only the beginning.  Today we rescued 26 dogs including:  Yorkies, Bassett Hounds, Maltese, Chihuahuas and Cavaliers.  All were living outside with very little or no shelter, covered in fleas.  Literally each dog was CRAWLING with fleas.  We have never seen anything like it.  We went directly to our veterinarian’s office and began the process of snapping intake photos and giving each pup a name.  During this process we also identify and prioritize the dog’s medical needs as best we can.  With this batch of mill dogs, we immediately began with the grooming process, including a Dawn dish-washing soap bath to kill the fleas!  We also cut overgrown nails and uncovered hair-matted eyes. NextGuard (flea/tick oral medication) was prescribed by our vet and all received a dose once bathed.  Once clean and dry, each pup was placed in a safe, clean, crate with fresh water.  Some of our K9 Mill Rescue pups already have placement with our pre-approved partners while others we will continue to work to identify rescues willing to help.
Mill dogs often have extensive medical as well as psychological issues requiring a special type of rescue to help them recover from years of neglect.  Many K9MR dogs require life changing surgeries and procedures beyond the routine vaccines and spay/neuter, such as, tumor removals, heart worm treatment, hernia repairs, broken bone repair or amputation of limbs, mange and fungus treatments, treatment for tetanus, luxating patellas, etc…. Please donate to the medical care for our survivors!  Helping them receive vet care, move into rescues or foster homes and transform from a puppy-mill dog to a family member is a truly rewarding experience!  Please make a donation, no value is too large or small – all funds go directly to the dogs!  Your support is very much appreciated and 100% will go to help rescue these dogs from the breeding industry.

25 Breeders Dogs

We have been very busy here at K9MR and have been asked to accepted another 25 pups this weekend! Currently we have 12 dogs in our care in foster homes or at the vet receiving care and we need your help! 50% of the 75 dogs we have rescues in the first 6 months received life-saving and or life-changing vet care provided by K9MR – and our bills are piling up. Please help us if you can – your donation in any amount goes directly to the dogs!

A Christmas Letter from Little Ruby

Dear K9 Mill Rescue Friends and Family,

Lil’ Ruby here! I am very excited about my first real Christmas and I wanted to share a bit about what I have seen and heard since I was saved from a breeding mill back in July. My new Mom, Joann and her friends, Debra and Jen officially formed K9 Mill Rescue in June of this year. In just the first 6 months they have driven more than 5,000 miles, rescued 75 dogs, 50% of whom received life-saving/changing vet care, advocated and found forever homes for 18 of my lucky friends, helped one old girl cross the rainbow bridge with love and dignity; all while networking with other groups they call their “Placement Partners” that stepped up to accept 44 dogs into their programs!

**DFW Pug Rescue Club* *Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas* *Little Paws Big Hearts*
*OK Save A Dog* *Katy’s Promise Rottweiler Rescue* *DFW Lab Rescue* *Short Mugs*
*Texas Italian Greyhound* *North Texas Basset Rescue* *DFW Tzu’s and More *
*Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin* *Recycled Poms and Schipperke Rescue*
*Furry Friendzy* *Dachshund Lovers of Texas* *Homeward Bound Dog Rescue*
*Maltese Rescue of OKC* *IGCA Texas/Oklahoma* *Russell Rescue*

As I write this letter, I have 12 K9MR friends in foster care or at one of our clinics, with vet bills totaling more than $6,000 already! Our vet clinics are AWESOME! We are cared for by: Bowie Pet Clinic, Athens Animal Clinic and Westcreek Animal Clinic.

The girls are always working on other things too like paperwork: developing forms, record keeping of all the dogs and filing for something call 501c3 non-profit status. They were really excited when K9MR was approved in November! I try to help too. I really wanted a picture of myself to be the group logo, but I was outvoted!. They promised I could post my picture anytime I wanted on Facebook (K9 Mill Rescue) and the new website (www.k9millrescue.org), so I decided the logo they picked was a good second choice!

Lastly, I was asked to send out a big THANK YOU HOWL to all K9 Mill Rescue supporters including: donors, volunteers, placement partners, transporters and everyone in between that have helped make the launch of K9 Mill Rescue a success! I am living proof of recovery after life in the mill! I am feeling healthier everyday and enjoying the good life with loving humans and my new, happy four-legged friends. Your continued support will amount to more happy tails, I just know it!

Whew! That was exhausting….time for my nap! Happy Holidays!

Lil’ Ruby

One very hot summer day, K9MR received a urgent call to rescue a sweet little French Bulldog that the breeder was going to euthanize. She had terrible skin issues and was in horrible shape. K9MR immediately made arrangements to get her in so we could get the medical attention she needed and to prevent her from euthanasia.

Jen traveled to get her and tears flowed. Lil’ Ruby was a skin disaster. She smelled bad and her skin was so infected that she had chewed her legs raw. Jen brought her into K9MR’s rescue but made a pit stop at her house where she scrubbed her little thin body to help her relieve her itching.

You see Lil’ Ruby was a former breeding dog and had many litters of puppies to bring in money for a breeder. Her belly nearly drug the floor and was swollen and red.

Once she was relieved and slumbered overnight with Jen she was taken to our vet. Dr. Barlow examined Lil’ Ruby and determined she had Demodex mange, yeast and some staph infections and her road to recovery was going to be long.

She has under gone Demodex mange treatment and still receives medicated baths twice a week.
Her skin is better but still healing. Once she gained a little weight and was deemed healthy enough to proceed with her vet care she was spay (No more babies), vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative) and micro chipped. When she was ready to go to foster care, we were in tears when we picked her up and saw that Dr. Barlow made her beautiful. Dr. Barlow removed all her stretched nipples and now she does not drag the ground.

Lil’ Ruby has puppy mill syndrome. Things we take for granted daily, she has never seen. She still fears walking on the grass. Ruby runs from the ceiling fan and cower ‘s when you try to pet her. All these things she will overcome in time with a lot of patience.

Lil’ Ruby is our mascot dog and will co pilot on our rescue efforts when she is not busy writing our blog. Lil’ Ruby will help educate the public on special articles and events.

Paws Up
Lil Ruby