October 12, 2015 has proven to be a super busy day and it is only the beginning.  Today we rescued 26 dogs including:  Yorkies, Bassett Hounds, Maltese, Chihuahuas and Cavaliers.  All were living outside with very little or no shelter, covered in fleas.  Literally each dog was CRAWLING with fleas.  We have never seen anything like it.  We went directly to our veterinarian’s office and began the process of snapping intake photos and giving each pup a name.  During this process we also identify and prioritize the dog’s medical needs as best we can.  With this batch of mill dogs, we immediately began with the grooming process, including a Dawn dish-washing soap bath to kill the fleas!  We also cut overgrown nails and uncovered hair-matted eyes. NextGuard (flea/tick oral medication) was prescribed by our vet and all received a dose once bathed.  Once clean and dry, each pup was placed in a safe, clean, crate with fresh water.  Some of our K9 Mill Rescue pups already have placement with our pre-approved partners while others we will continue to work to identify rescues willing to help.
Mill dogs often have extensive medical as well as psychological issues requiring a special type of rescue to help them recover from years of neglect.  Many K9MR dogs require life changing surgeries and procedures beyond the routine vaccines and spay/neuter, such as, tumor removals, heart worm treatment, hernia repairs, broken bone repair or amputation of limbs, mange and fungus treatments, treatment for tetanus, luxating patellas, etc…. Please donate to the medical care for our survivors!  Helping them receive vet care, move into rescues or foster homes and transform from a puppy-mill dog to a family member is a truly rewarding experience!  Please make a donation, no value is too large or small – all funds go directly to the dogs!  Your support is very much appreciated and 100% will go to help rescue these dogs from the breeding industry.